THE POTION SHOPPE | Inspired by a family history in natural healing. 

In the very early part of the 20th century, Drs. Ole Onne & Ida Maria Jurva, naturopaths from Finland, immigrated to the U.S. and worked together as massage therapists, heading west from New York to Oregon. By 1911 they had opened their first Natural Healing Sanatorium in Portland, Oregon where they treated patients through massage, fasting & herbal remedies.

Across the world in Kashmir and Pakistan, Habibullah Khawaja and his wife Zainab raised their family with ancient eastern traditions of healing the body and spirit through food, herbal medicines and ritual.

Over 100 years later, inspired by the work of her Finnish, maternal great-grandparents and deeply connected to her father's Eastern heritage, Ameena Maria Khawaja founded The Potion Shoppe in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Combining her extensive experience in the fields of makeup artistry and skin care with a great love for the magic of days past, Ameena created The Potion Shoppe to be an apothecary of natural products, incorporating the old world practices of East and West into modern-day life.