GOLDEN COPAL | STEP 4 | Incense Ritual Resin

GOLDEN COPAL | STEP 4 | Incense Ritual Resin

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Clearing, calming and sensual, Golden Copal Ritual Resin is used for heightening focus, meditation, and attracting love. Its smoke releases a deliciously creamy, warm, amber-like aroma.

1oz | 29g


1. Fill Incense Ritual Bowl with 1-2 inches of Ritual Sand.
2. Place one Mini Charcoal in center of sand and light in a well-ventilated area.

3. Wait until charcoal glows (approximately 30 seconds), then place one piece of Incense Ritual Resin directly on hot charcoal & enjoy the meditative, aromatic smoke produced as the Resin melts.